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A perfect mineral content:

  • Our long natural filtration process in an exceptional underground formation in Northern New Brunswick, produces water that is uniquely balanced.
  • 7.1 PH level is considered ideal, it is very close to that of blood and bodily fluids. This balance enables you to drink plenty of it without any stress on your body or concerns of loosing precious minerals

Its taste is among the best in the world:

  • Its taste has drawn the attention of water tasters
  • It is so fine and distinctive that you have to remind yourself that it is only water.
  • It is one of the only waters, that you can drink at room temperature (like your doctor recommends) and it still taste great.


A perfect mineral content

Drinking water on a frequent basis is an easy way to reduce acidity in your body and maintain overall health.


Our water is one of the only water products that you can drink at room temperature and it still taste great.


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